What is the best service worth, if noone knows about ?

Having an own company-website nowadays is a must within a wise marketing-concept.

Many customers first search thru the internet, before consulting the daily-press or looking at the yellow pages. Even for the one-man crafts enterprise it's very important, to be represented in the world wide web. Sometimes, it's sufficient, to have a clearly arranged, one-page website, but certainly can be extended up to an international, editorially managed site.


How does Webdesign look like to our understanding ?

  • modern

Modern websites use the whole space available on all different end devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Thru the use of a fresh, appealing design, the interest of potential new customers is awakened. Unnecessary gadgets, which only slow down load times, will be omitted.

  • barrier-free

Not all people can see in the same (good) way. Thru barrier-freeness it's guaranteed for older people and even for visually impaired ones, to be able to read and understand the content of your website.

  • user-friendly

The menus of the site are clearly arranged, the user always knows, where on the website he is and all content can be found easily and intuitive. The whole website can be easily searched thru an integrated search function.

  • responsive

The layout is individually optimized for all different end-devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

  • integration of social media

If you are already active at facebook, twitter, google+ etc., we connect your website to these social media services and create an even higher level of awareness for your company.

  • searchengine optimized

Having an own website is not enough to be found by potential customers. If you are e.g. on page 5 on the search results of Google and Co., your site will only be chosen little. Searchengine-optimizing is here the keyword, which gives you a better ranking.

  • separation of design and content

In the past, every change in the content of a website had to be done thru the webmaster. Using a so-called content management system (we use joomla), this belongs to the past and you are able to add or change date on your site independantly.

  • Analysis (Google Analytics)

If you really reach your customers, can only be determined thru an appropriate analysis. Here it can be determined, how long a user stays on which site and if he finally wants to contact you, for example.