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Photo Editing



In the age of facebook, whatsapp and instagram, digital pictures become more and more important. Nevertheless, there still exist a hugh number of pictures in paper-form or similar, non-digitalized mediums.

So old an rare pictures, but unfortunately in bad quality, can be found in the heritage of the grandparents, for example.

Or you just want to watch old slides comfortly on a tablet.

Here, you face the choice, that you have to chose the right one out of the almost unmanageable high number of suppliers of digital photo-software.

                              Photo Editing
Often, these programs do not help in digitalizing paper-fotos or slides. The results on repairing lack of quality (under-, overexposure, scratches, buckles, etc.) often is unsatisfactory as well, or the effort for training appropriate functions within these software is too high (if these functions are available at all).

Here, we support you thru professional digitalization, preparation and presentation (if applicable), by using the latest software. You benefit from our longtime know-how in photo-editing and from saving costs, because you do not have to purchase expensive  photo-editing software.