The promptly preparing of business information is essential for every company.

If you do not know your profit-margin, where financial problems exist or where liquidity-shortages might occur, if you do not know, which profit-centers which profits achieve, then you are not able to adjust and correct your business processes.

Often, especially for smaller companies, exactly this is rather difficult, because well-trained staff is missing, the required know-how is not available or just the information-systems are out-dated.


Here, we support you by verfiying your existing reports and analysis critically. What is good will be kept, was is bad will be improved and still non-existing analysis will be established.

Many jobs can be solved thru already existing tools (e.g. MS-Excel, MS-Access, etc.)

In case the requirements are higher, we can use one of various existing business-intelligence systems in the market. Here, we find out the suitable software for you and take care of the implementation-process.

On designing reports, we orient ourselves on the RS1-Standard of Reinhold Scheck, and on the SUCCESS-Rules of Hichert und Partner.