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Consulting for us means a integrated system of

  • analysis
  • suggestion
  • implementation
  • controling
For us, consulting doesn't end with establishing analysis and giving suggestions, instead, we go along with you thru the implementation and further on. To which extent is determined by you.

We focus our consulting services on the following:

  • Process-Analysis

Often, processes and other business conditions, which exists since a long time, are considered as unchangeable or already optimal. Looking on those from outside, with the necessary distance to the company, sometimes gives a different view and frictional losses are discovered earlier. Additionally, in some cases, the newest technological developments, which make life easier in certain areas, are simply not known. 

  • Portfolio-Analysis

As everyone knows, we swabian people can do everything; but eventually your customers do not need certain products or services (any more), or other companies can offer those cheaper. Sometimes it's better, to eliminate some products /services or to by them in addition from outside the company. 

  • Stock-Analysis

Clearly, the sales-office always wants to have everything on stock, to grant immediate deliveries. But stock ground does cost money. Thru the use of consumption-analysis, your stock can be optimized to a level, that important products can be delivered immediately, whilst products, which are only required sporadically, are only produced, when a customer asks for.

  •   Location-Analysis

Are your existing locations still optimal or do you look for new ones ? (shortage of space, better transport connections, closeness to your customers / suppliers, etc.)

  •   Benchmarking

How is your performance in comparison to your competitors or within your industrial sector ?

  • Strategy Development

Does your actual strategy (still) fit to your business environment or the other way round ?